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ForemostAlternative:Deveat_life_through_our_words_and_music ...Deveat:Laredo's premier all original rock band thanks for visiting our website...

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with this latest update we say goodbye to our first website which served us for several years, it will serve from now on as a "deveat museum" since it contains photos and information about our band from the days when we were barely starting. not many updates will be done to this site but feel free to visit. thanks to everyone for their support and for keeping interest in our band... 

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 check out newspaper articles about our band in the articles section.

"Day after Day" our second album is available now by contacting the band at

 We want to hear from you! contact us with any comments, suggestions, for booking or if you'd like to get a free demo at or leave us a message on our message board, let us know you were here, speak your mind...drop us a line!!! is what you make of your local bands and original artists, create do not imitate...never let your success go to your head, and your failures go to your heart...deveat...this is not an ad...see?...deveat


 we can't emphasize enough our appreciation for your support, as always we'd like to thank our families and friends and everyone who has helped us  over the past seven years... and of course you for keeping interest in our band .


Last updated 4-27-05@1:55:22 CST you actually scrolled all the way down here...everyday is the opportunity for a brand new your local the arts in your community...spend less time on the internet learn how to play an instrument...give your dog a bath...recycle...still here?...have you fed your pet fish today? a friend..better yet visit a make somebody's day is priceless don't waste still don't get it do you?...take old is a priviledge...keep young at heart...don't take breathing for granted...rock your world... wow you actually scrolled all the way down here...did you think it was going to repeat?...repeat?...contribute...more coming a friend...drink plenty of water...keep trying you can only get better...was that soon enough?...don't miss somebody be with them...make music...don't try to be different just be yourself...just a you actually scrolled all the way down here...!..learn how to play an instrument...learn another one...well you get the idea....keep an open mind...Life is short in the end all that you can count on is you. you are the only person who will ALWAYS be there. To thine own self be true. When the day is through remember you have to live with you.If all you have in life is that in which you have worked for you have achieved great things.. From the moment born we start to die so start to live...hope to see you again...deveat...