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''Downtime'' our first album was produced in the summer of 2000, recorded and produced in a matter of weeks ''Downtime'' was our first attempt at recording something else besides a simple demo: an album.besides becoming a great learning experience this album gave us the oportunity of introducing our music to our local community and beyond.''Downtime'' was warmly welcomed giving us further encouragement to continue our musical efforts

Downtime songs: past depression, going down, through you, stars, keep you around, nothing more, distant eyes,lied so well, missing you and unanswered. rumor has it that this album contains a hiden track.

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''Day after day'' became our second album, this more polished effort presents the material of an older, wiser and more mature band. unlike the first album ''Day after day'' was produced under our own terms starting production in early june 2002 at carlos's home studio ( a much fancier word for a couple of mics a mixer and a computer) and with the first copies available to the public in late january 2003. despite being recorded at home, this second album surpassed the quality from the previuos album wich was recorded at a local studio.this album features the sounds of adam puckett on bass who recorded with a band for the first time, adam had replaced original bass player sergio saenz about 2 years before recording this album. ''Day after day'' also represented the last time original drummer alejo ortiz and original lead guitarrist and co founder frank campero would colaborate with the band due to personal matters outside the band playing their final show on november 23 2002 at who's there ? bar in laredo tx. each follows different career aspirations and keeps a good relationship with their former band. ''Day after day'' has enjoyed better success than the previuos album getting air play at local radio stations and out of town college radio stations.

Day after day songs: when you are gone, alone, brand new, c song, day after day (ants), end of techno, ice cream dreams, intro/chapter one, liar,mistake, self destruct, sky (g song), 22, backdoors, nostalgic.

current band line up: carlos imperial (vocals/guitar), adam puckett (bass), santini briseno (drums), hector gonzalez (lead guitar)

both albums available by contacting the band:

what's in for the future?....well as far as recoridng songs we have about 5 new songs, we expect to have enough material to start recording a new album pretty soon.

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our "studio"

our studio